Marine Diesel Engines and Generators

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Trading Terms

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STRICTLY NET 30 DAYS from statement date. Failure to comply with our credit terms will result in withdrawal of credit facilities. Orders will not be processed until all outstandings have been paid for in full.
A credit charge of 2.5% per month, may be applied to all overdue accounts. The charge will accrue until all overdue amounts are paid.
Any discount given is subject to the account being kept in order and within the requirements of this clause.
We reserve the right to suspend or discontinue supply for goods and services to an account customer and if we do so we shall not be obliged to give any reason for our action.
Credit Card surcharge of 1% will be applied to all Trade Accounts

The goods supplied shall remain the sole and absolute property of Collins Marine Pty. Limited as legal and beneficial owner until such time as the customer shall have paid the purchase price in respect of such goods to Collins Marine Pty. Limited in accordance with these terms and conditions and payment has been made by the customer in respect of any other goods supplied by Collins Marine Pty. Limited to the customer pursuant to the terms and conditions.

The customer irrevocably gives Collins Marine Pty. Limited its servants and agents leave and licence without the necessity of giving any notice to enter at any time on and into any premises occupied by the customer to inspect search for or remove ant of the goods supplied pursuant to these terms and conditions.

Any terms and conditions of a customers order which are inconsistent with or additional to the terms and conditions hereof shall not be binding on Collins Marine Pty. Limited’s products. All such terms and conditions are hereby rejected. No waiver, alteration or modification of any Collins Marine Pty. Limited terms and conditions shall be binding on Collins Marine Pty. Limited unless made in writing and agreed to by a duly authorised official of Collins Marine Pty. Limited.

All contracts will be deemed to be entered into in the state of NSW and in the event of any dispute the laws of the State of NSW will apply irrespective of the address of purchase or the location of the goods.

Collins Marine Pty. Limited warrants all products pursuant to sale agreement hereunder for a period of one year from the date of shipment to the customer against defective material or workmanship when such products are used on equipment within the specification limits approved by Collins Marine Pty. Limited, Collins Marine Pty. Limited will at its option repair or replace such products free of charge if found on examination by it to be defective, provided any necessary return charges be prepaid. Our guarantee only covers faulty material and workmanship but not faults caused by incorrect fitting or improper use of our equipment.

Acceptance of returned goods is at the discretion of Collins Marine Pty. Limited and in any event:-

i) All returned goods must be pre-paid and advised to Collins Marine Pty. Limited prior to return.
ii) Goods being returned for credit must be on Collins Marine Pty. Limited normal stocking list. Special orders will not be accepted for credit.
iii) Diesel engines are non-returnable.
iv) Diesel generators are non-returnable.
v) Electrical items are non-returnable.
vi) Where approved goods are returned and in their original condition, a 15% handling & restocking fee will be incurred.
vii) Invoice numbers must be quoted when returning goods.

Claims for shortages or credit will not be recognised unless advised by Collins Marine Pty. Limited within 7 days of delivery.