Marine Diesel Engines and Generators

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Nanni Marine Diesel Power Boat Engines

Nanni’s Marine Diesel Engines range for power boats is based on two of the leading engine manufacturers in the world, KUBOTA and TOYOTA

KUBOTA marine diesel engines range from 10 to 135 hp

Kubota marine diesel engine

The Nanni Kubota Marine Diesel Engine range is designed for coastal and river cruisers, fishing cruisers and trawlers. These engines are marinised by Nanni to deliver big power in a gentle manner for many years.

The engine blocks provided by KUBOTA are well known for high quality and technology standards. They ensures easier maneuvering and cruising, and maximum speeds are easily reached thanks to an immediate torque at low RPM and full power at medium RPM.

White and baby blue fishing boat heading out of the bay, on the water. NANNI ADVANTAGES

Chart showing engine to power ratio, RPM, rating and admission.

TOYOTA marine diesel engines range from 200 to 365 hp

TOYOTA marine diesel engine

Developed out of the original automotive blocks of TOYOTA, these engines range from 200 to 370 hp and are designed for powerboats, sport boats, rigid-bottom inflatable boats, sport fishing, fast cruisers etc.

Nanni offers a range of 8 models equipped with a common rail injection system and an air and exhaust circuit optimized for planning hulls.

This range for speedboats is designed for comfort. Thanks to their compact size, the engines can be easily installed on a variety of boat types.

TOYOTA marine diesel engines, offer remarkable weight/power ratios, ensuring immediate acceleration and reduced noise and gas emissions. Their compact size facilitates easy installation across various boat types, making them ideal for speedboats and other watercraft.

NANNI ADVANTAGESRed and white sports boat planing across the water.

Engine to power output chart