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N4.60 SD



Kubota engine base

Originating from the latest generation diesel engines developed by Kubota, the N4.60 marine engine is regarded as an ideal solution for sailing yachts as well as sport fishing boats. It benefits from the experience of the Nanni Diesel engineering team in terms of marinization as well as the robustness of the Kubota industrial engine base.


Powerful, robust and comfortable, the N4.60 perfectly captures these essential qualities in its engine category. Its low rpm and significant torque allows you to reach cruising speeds at lower rpm levels, considerably improving the sound comfort and onboard vibrations. These qualities allow it if necessary to drive a propeller with a sizable diameter, which is more efficient in turbulent seas and more practical while manoeuvring in port.

Saving space and adaptable

The dimensions and the weight of a N4.60 have been optimised to obtain a good power to weight ratio. This very compact engine eases installation. The design of the engine mounts, as well as a large choice of gearboxes simplifies repowering of your boat.

Protecting the environment

The N4.60 complies with the most stringent emission regulations in the world: EU-RCD, US-EPA, BSO Its SOLAS certification reflects quality and reliability.


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