Marine Diesel Engines and Generators

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Nanni Marine Diesel Generator QMS25M


Kubota base

• 4 strokes Diesel engine tested in all marine or industrial applications throughout the world.
• Engine block in cast iron type tunnel and timing gear.

Injection and combustion system

• The Super Glow System comes as standard equipment to start the engine in cold
• The E-TVCS injection system produces an ideal air/fuel mixture by creating three vortexes in the combustion chamber. The combustion efficiency is improved, resulting in low fuel consumption.

Cooling system

• Cooling is ensured by heat exchange between coolant and seawater in an heat exchanger, or via a Keel Cooling system.
• Seawater pump with rubber impeller.


• Delivering a continuous power of 22.2 kW and able to provide up to 24.4 kW.
• IP21 protection (additional level available on demand).

Soundproof System

In order to function with the highest discretion aboard every boat, the QMS7.5M genset is available with a soundshield which gives it a maximum threshold of 54 dB at 7 meters – the equivalent of a dishwasher. Electric connections, water inlet and outlet joints, as well as the exhaust pipe, are integrated into the cocoon.


Generator Ratings

  • Voltage (V): 230
  • Frequency (Hz): 50
  • Amperes (A): 106.1 max
  • Amperes (A): 96.1 cont.
  • Power (kW): 22.7 max
  • Power (kW):

Weights & Dimensions

  • Dry Weight (kg): 378 / 550 with soundshield
  • Length (mm): 1304 / 1590 with soundshield
  • Width (mm): 636 / 750 with soundshield
  • Height (mm): 766 / 900 with soundshield