Marine Diesel Engines and Generators

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A sailboat sails across the water in front of the Sydney Opera House and city skyline on a clear day.


With a full range of high-quality marine diesel engines ranging from 10 HP – 370 HP and marine generators power ranging from 5kW to 35kW, NANNI Australia provides complete marine power solutions for your boat.

A NANNI Kubota-base marine diesel engine for sailboats

Kubota is the world’s largest manufacturer of diesel industrial engines. Our partnership started in 1976 and NANNI has since become the leading marinizer of Kubota engines worldwide.

A NANNI Toyota-base marine diesel engine for powerboats

Developed from the original automotive blocks of Toyota, these engines range from 200 to 370hp and are designed for powerboats, sports boats, fishing vessels, fast cruisers, and more.

A NANNI marine generator with a NANNI soundshield enclosure

The generator set range covers a power range from 5 kW to 500 kW. All generator sets are delivered assembled, ready for installation. We can provide all installation-related equipment

A range of NANNI marine accessories

NANNI offers a wide range of accessories to assist your installation. Whether you have a new build or repowering, attaching the right equipment to your NANNI will greatly benefit your time at sea.

A Leopard 47 sailing catamaran sails across the open ocean

‘Red Seas’, a Leopard 47 sailing catamaran powered with twin NANNI N4.50 shaft drive

A Mustang 2400 powerboat motors across the open ocean

‘Grandell’, a Mustang 2400 powerboat powered with a NANNI Z4.270 sterndrive diesel engine.

A classic 42-foot sailboat sails on a clear day

Sparkman & Stephens 42 sailboat powered with a NANNI N4.40 marine diesel engine.