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The Technodrive TMC40 marine gearbox is equipped with conical clutches mechanically operated, actuated by a servo-system; gears are specially constructed for quiet operation and bearings are amply porportioned. This model is available for a wide range of marine diesel engines.

The gearbox used also has a major influence on the propeller used so please consult the prop manufacturer before selecting the appropriate model

    Available Ratio - 2:1 or 2.6:1


    For more specs and dimensions please click here to download a complete techical brochure


    Torsional Resposibility

    Disregarding propulsion system torsional compatability could cause damage to components in the drive train resulting in loss of mobility. At minimum, system incompatability could result in gear clatter at low speeds.The responsibility for ensuring that the torsional compatibility of the propulsion system is satisfactory rests with the assembler of the drive and the driven equipment.

    Suitable Nanni Diesel Models

    N3.30, 2.45HE, 2.50HE, 3.75HE, 3.100HE



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