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Kubota Base

The QMS7.5M Genset is equipped with a sturdy and effi cient Kubota base engine, tested in all marine or industrial applications throughout the world. The E-TVCS combustion system also allows the QMS7.5M to comply with the most stringent emissions regulations while reducing noise level and maintaining low fuel consumption.

Reliability and longevity

Its 1123 cc and its Nanni Compact Cooling® heat exchange cooling system, bring to this generator set a maximal life span and a smooth functioning. Maintenance operations are simple and quick, thanks to, among other things, a timing gear and an easy access to the various service points.

Onboard power supply and comfort

The light and compact alternator delivers a single phase tension of 230 Volts. It is also equipped with an electronic regulator which, together with the constant engine speed, provides an excellent stability to frequency and tension.

Soundproof Sydtem

In order to function with the highest discretion aboard every boat, the QMS7.5M genset is available with a soundshield which gives it a maximum threshold of 54 dB at 7 meters - the equivalent of a dishwasher. Electric connections, water inlet and outlet joints as well as the exhaust pipe are integrated into the cocoon.



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